Project Phase III: Integration

Published December 9, 2011 by chicok

Our world is full of life, all different forms of life. There is microscopic and macroscopic life that surrounds all of us at every moment of every day. We all interact with these different forms of life in different ways, whether they are people, animals, or even bacteria. Throughout history our views of these different forms of life have changed. We now know what different bacteria cause different illnesses, and we view different genders and cultures as equals. Our world is always changing, whether it is in life cycles or in sociological views. Yet, it is these sorts of changes that will continue on for future generations.

Integrating Biology and Sociology into achieving my vision of being in my first year of medical school in September of 2012, will be very important. Both of these concentrations have to do with life, but they both use different concepts to look at life from different views. Sociology has allowed me to study life, our social lives, and the interactions that people have with one another. In the study of sociology there is the theory, Conflict Theory, which describes the interaction between the “haves” and the “have not’s”. Our society looks at those who have things, and those who do not; the things being the objects that society believes we “need” or “should” have. As I move forward on my path toward my vision I will have to give up different things, such as getting married, having a family, and being seen as a “homemaker”, things that society sees, or use to see, women doing. However, I will be gaining a degree, become independent, and I will be able to move forward in the world in ways that many people do not see women doing. Our society is moving forward, and we say that we do not place gender roles on men and women, yet there are circumstances in which the roles are still viewed. Many times women are not able to make it past a certain point, or are not always taken seriously. What I have learned from my education is that women often face the “glass ceiling” effect, and are held back. Understanding this concept has allowed me to learn that I will have to work even harder to reach my vision. In our world every situation can be viewed from different angles, or viewpoints, and it is these different viewpoints that allow us to function together to view the situation as a whole. Understanding and having become educated on the idea of functionalism has allowed me to understand that in order to function we need every part, not just one or the other, but all. In order to achieve my vision I have to be willing to look at my goal from other perspectives, such as the admissions office perspective, and see what they see that I have to offer. Being able to understand that there are different ways to view every situation has allowed me to take a step back, notice the different ways situations can be viewed, and try to view them from that perspective so that I may produce the best work possible.

Throughout my education I have learned different ways to view life, such as microscopically. I have discovered ways to look at the smaller organisms that make up even larger living organisms, such as cells, the building blocks of life. I have gained an understanding of the different concepts of life such as how our genes affect our offspring, and what organisms in our bodies fight of viruses. These different concepts I have gained knowledge on have allowed me to prepare myself for entering medical school, and eventually the medical field. Having been able to study different biological processes, has allowed me to gain an understanding of life, of people, and what I will be facing when I am entering medical school, my vision. I will be able to take the concepts that I have learned through my concentration of biology and use them to get to my vision, as well as get ahead in my career, and in life. Medical school will allow me to study life in more depth, and allow me to gain more detail about the different organisms in our bodies, how we are different, and how to help those in need.

Taking the concepts I have gained from my concentration areas will allow me to reach my vision by giving me insight into the future that I face, and what I will be studying. The concepts I have learned from biology have already helped me take the MCAT, which was a major step toward my vision. Understanding ways in which our society functions and how society views different attributes such as what you have and who you are has allowed me to have more insight into how my application may be viewed. These concepts have helped me and will help me understand the sociological processes that go into my acceptance or rejection to different medical schools.

Other people can benefit from my integration because of the different viewpoints that I have on one situation. Studying more then one area allows a person to gain insight into two different areas, giving them two different viewpoints to approach any situation. When a person is sick it can be looked at biologically or sociologically. A person could have caught a virus that their body is not immune to, or a person could be stressed causing their body to overwork and shut down. Changes in society can cause strain on peoples social lives, which in result can cause strain on their health. Being able to have insight into both view points will allow me to help those around me and those I encounter gain a better understanding of their physical, mental, and social well being.

Many different factors will allow me to reach my vision of being in my first semester of medical school by fall of 2012, factors such as support, and belief. However, another helpful factor will be being able to integrate concepts from my areas of concentration, biology and sociology. Being able to view a situation from different angles and areas helps a person gain a better sense of the situation as a whole, rather than looking at the situation from one view. Helping other people see different views and helping people realize that there are many viewpoints in the world will be the best way for me to help others. Integrating the concepts I have learned into one situation will allow people to see that there are different ways to attack a problem and help the situation. Many times people think that there view is the right view, and they do not think that there is another way to solve the issue, however, there are multiple ways. I will be able to show people that an understanding of multiple views and integrating them together is the best way to view a situation as a whole in order to get the best possible outcome. Understanding different concepts from my concentration areas have helped me reach the stepping stones toward my vision and will continue to help me move forward toward my vision in the months to come. Everyone has visions, and goals that are set in the mind, something that is desired or most wanted. Yet, when we have a desire we often forget that there are other ways to get there, or that there are other ways to look at the desire. However, being able to use learned concepts of multiple concentrations allows people to take a step back and realize the bigger picture of the vision, and see the small steps that it takes to get there. Every vision, dream, or goal is not reached over night but it is something that is built up over time, all it takes is that one step in the right direction.


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