The Magician Archetype

Published November 18, 2011 by chicok

While reading about the “Magician” archetype, I found myself thinking about how many people in our society are magicians, and I found myself wondering if I am a magician as well. The book talked about people who are magicians are able to act on their feelings of what they should do without the fear of what others think, they allow their feeling of what is right to be unleashed. “When we begin to act on our intuitive sense of rightness-despite our awareness that others might think what we are doing is crazy-we awaken the inner Magician (pg.204).” These people who allow their inner magician to come out are not worried about other peoples ideas of what is right, instead, they act on what THEY believe is right. These people are also able to capture the thoughts of others and cause them to see their views, or see what the person who reveals their inner magician wants them to see and feel. With myself, I do find that at times I can be a magician, I can show myself as happy and cause others to feel happy, but at times it can be an illusion because I do not want to show my sadness because I do not want others to see the true act of my feelings and emotions. However, our society is full of people who do not like to believe what they cannot see or what cannot be explained, and I think that if people try to open their minds then they will be able to become magicians as well as accept those who are magicians and the wonderful, unexplained, and unique qualities that they express.

“Such a ritual symbolic action does not ‘magically’ remove the client’s problems, but if it is done well and with preparation, it can allow the client to align body, mind, and heart around a commitment to really let go of a pattern of psychological attachment and consequently accomplish the therapeutic work with less resistance and more optimism and ease (pg.202).” Some people are able to use symbols or movements to be magicians; they allow a person to see and feel something that is not really there physically but psychologically. I have a hard time with this, when people say that putting something out of my mind, or that I should just refuse to let the negative enter, I sometimes think its strange and don’t listen. For a long time I thought it was odd that people would go to “healers” to have their negative energy removed, but from this course, as well as through parts of my life, I have learned that they are more insightful then I am, and that they do help, if I allow them. My grandmother is a very spiritual person. While reading about this archetype I found myself thinking of her often. Specifically, an action she does that made me think of this archetype; if someone is hurt, or has a pain of some sort she just brushes her hands over the area and she says that she is wiping away the negativity and that it will feel better. She is not “magic” but she uses the symbolism as an illusion, a way to make a person see something that is not there, and in turn she causes the person to become more positive, causing the pain to leave their body. My grandmother does not care what some people may think about how she feels and how she shows herself, she only cares about the positivity around her. From reading and learning about the magician archetype I have realized that my grandmother has taken her journey and has developed herself in amazing ways, and I have yet to accomplish this. I admire people who do things to help others, not just physical things, but mental things, things that make the person feel safe even if it is not seen, and it is still there in some form.

Another aspect of the Magician archetype that caught my attention was, “Some may feel that being a Magician seems too grand and wish to avoid it out of a fear of grandiosity. Others may fear countering the biases of a culture that fears or denies the miraculous (pg.204).” This made me think about others and myself in the world. This made me wonder if we hold ourselves back from experiencing the spiritual because we fear what others will think? Do we not listen to our intuition because we fear that it will lead us somewhere that is not as accepted as the path we are already on? It seems to me that many people may get stuck, stuck because they do not want to listen to their inner magician, the spiritual, or their intuition because they want to be accepted and not seem too “different”. Sometimes people have dreams or visions of the future, of what will happen or may happen, but they do not say anything because people will not believe them. Perhaps if the rest of the world can accept that not all things are seen but some have to be felt in the soul, then more people would be able to release their inner magician.

From this reading and the video, and studying sociology as one of my disciplines, I have learned that our society could be a spiritual, or magical place if people were more accepting of the unknown and the unexplainable. Most things in the world are explainable in some way, and that causes people not to believe in ghosts and fortunetellers, but perhaps these people who do believe in ghosts and fortunetellers do so because it makes them feel safer. Perhaps people believe in ghosts because they want to still feel the presence of someone they lost, or they believe in fortunetellers because they believe in looking at the positive future. In our society there are many different cultures that have many different rituals. Rituals that are quite different and some that many other people may think are strange or “ridiculous”. However, these rituals are a way for that culture in society to help themselves, to help those they love feel something powerful, something that does not need to be seen but felt and embraced spiritually. In our society people tend to dwell on the negative, but with the magician in our lives they can cause us to look at the positive. However, in our society there are many social classes, and social ways of acting, and these could cause people to not want to be different, not want to bring out their magician in fear that they will be looked down upon, which in result causes less positive thinkers in the world to help others. Our society is extremely diverse, in what we believe, what our cultural backgrounds are, how we look, and how we think, but these differences allow our society to be unique. Magicians look at the world differently, and they accept the spiritual, which allows them to have a better grasp on what is occurring in their life. If our society was more accepting of differences, such as accepting the magician’s different ways of seeing the world, then our society could function better as whole.

In the video, “How Algorithms Shape Our World,” he talked about the mountains and how they symbolized the economy. He also talked about how algorithms are making society want to build more ways to make things much more efficient, so that more money can be made. These algorithms are symbols, symbols that we can make our society much more efficient if we have something faster. People do not see the work being done because it is a computer, and all they see is the results. However, even though it is not seen it gives people a sense of comfort because they know what will occur, it gives them a sense of stability. In our world everyone needs something to believe in; we start out as children needing Santa, and as we grow we still need something, such as the algorithms. We do not see these things but we believe they are there, and this belief gives us hope and a sense of happiness that we need to move forward. We need to allow ourselves to not be afraid of our own inner magician so that we can find this hope and happiness within ourselves as well as appreciate the symbols and illusions in the world even more.

In my concentration of biology you learn about life, and about cells, which are the building blocks of life. “Without the Magician, who heals the wounded ruler, the kingdom cannot be transformed (pg.193).” Cells such as the ones that destroy viruses in our body are microscopic, and are not seen with the naked eye. However, even though we do not see them, we know they are there, we have learned to believe that they will help us heal and become healthier once again. The cells seem to be the magicians, the ones who create the positivity, who allow the ruler to get better, not because they see the work but because they believe in the work. Just because we cannot see or feel something instantly does not mean it is not there, the magician allows us to see these things in another way, spiritually. Positive thinking allows a person to relax and lets cells work, positive thinking allows people to enjoy the unknown, and positive thinking allows people to believe in the unbelievable, or the unseen.

In history there have been different healers, and in society now there are different healers or spiritual symbols. In the news you can hear about people who find different items that resemble Jesus, or some other powerful being. These symbols give people hope and allow themselves to believe in something that is an illusion. Real magicians have acts that people do not understand or know the mechanics behind, but people still believe in the magic. People need things to believe in, illusions, they need to believe because they need hope. Sometimes there are people who do not believe, who have never had something spiritual happen to them so they do not believe in what others do. Perhaps these people are just holding in their inner magician, and if they would allow themselves to let their inner magician become a part of them then they could heal themselves emotionally in ways that they could not before. Everyone in society is different, especially in what they believe. Many people believe in the unknown or want to help others in ways that are not visible, but spiritual, and these people are different because they are much more positive and accepting of the spiritual then many others in the world. If the media, scientists, and just society were more accepting of the “unknown” and believed in what they cannot see then our world would be full of magicians and of positivity and belief.

After learning about this archetype I learned that people need to let go of their inhibitions sometimes and accept the spiritual, and listen to their intuition. I also learned that in order to transform our world and how we view the world we need to change the way we look at situations. Society needs to look at the positive and less at the negative, because when we look at the positive we allow ourselves to learn and grow. The magician acts as a symbol in our society, symbolizing things that we want to believe in while knowing that they are just a symbol and it is an illusion. We all need symbols, symbols such as hearing a voice telling us what to do, seeing a loved one that has passed in a dream, or having someone wipe away the hurt. These symbols and believing in them allow our inner magician to accept what we feel is right no matter what the rest of society thinks because the feeling gives a sense of relief. In our society people are too afraid of what others think, and this causes us to suppress our inner magician, because we do not want to feel out of place. However, expressing our inner magician will allow us to not care about societies views because we know that what we are doing and believing is what is best for ourselves. In our world everyone is different, and everyone views situations differently, and it is these different views that allow different people to visualize different things and learn from them. No two people may look at an illusion and see the same thing, everyone will see it differently, but it is the differences in views that allow our society to be full of different magicians, rulers, creators, and different people all together.

“The impulse to accuse ourselves is heavily ingrained in this culture. Instead of seeing yourself as sick, inept, or clumsy, or dwelling on the past or future mistakes, it is possible simply to trust yourself absolutely, and to know that you choose and will choose everything that happens to you for your own growth and development (pg.198).”


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