Project Phase II: Journey (Destroy)

Published November 4, 2011 by chicok

The two individuals that I researched for the Project Phase 1, were Elizabeth Blackwell, and Sharona Ross. These two people made many sacrifices in order to achieve their vision, the vision I have as well of attending medical school. These women both attended medical school and became doctors. Their vision to attend medical school and become female doctors was achieved but it was not very easy.

Elizabeth Blackwell was a strong woman, she had to give up sensitivity in a way, because she was rejected many times, but she did not give up, she pushed on. Elizabeth also had to give up starting a family, and being a homemaker. Sharona Ross was also a strong woman, what she gave up was something very important to her, she had to give up time with her child in order to show that she could be reliable and move up in the medical field. Sharona Ross also had to give up the unexpectedness of life in order to make a plan around her goals to her vision. Both of these women had to give up one thing, they had to give up their need to be like everyone else, to follow the norm. These two women were women who want to be different, who wanted to show that women could do anything that they wanted to do, no matter what other people thought. Both of these women were strong individuals, they both had to fight for their vision by giving up things that not a lot of people are capable of doing.

In order to achieve my vision there are many things that are vital to my journey. However, five specifically important things that are most vital to my journey are: Family and friends support, spouse understanding, undergraduate degree, researching the best medical schools, and understanding of the obstacles I face. All of these things are vital to my journey that will lead me to my vision, and it is hard to give things up in life, but sometimes things have to be risked in order to continue on with the journey. Therefore, I must prepare myself to give up things. In order to continue with my journey I may have to give up understanding the obstacles I face. I won’t be able to understand the meaning for every obstacle, and I usually have to know what is occurring and why; so giving this up will be hard for me. However, this journey is something new, and it is taking me to my vision, and if I am unaware of what lies ahead, but I know that in the end I will reach my vision, then not understanding every obstacle will be something that I can give up. In order to prepare myself for giving up this understanding I will just have to remind myself that not everything is known, and that in the end I will know and appreciate the result.

In life there are many things that we don’t want to give up, and if we could we probably would not give anything up. However, giving things up is a way to move forward and make room for new things. Giving up the understanding of every obstacle will be hard but if I remind myself that the obstacles are there to help me and that the meaning is not important, then I will be able to let go of this need to understand every obstacle.

Elizabeth Blackwell and Sharona Ross were two amazing, and strong women, women who had to sacrifice different things in order to achieve their vision with success. From them, I know that I too will have to sacrifice other things throughout life, even past my vision, but knowing that they could do it gives me strength to do so as well. I know that in life we can choose to look at every situation as a good or bad thing, it all depends on our own view, and I choose to look at the good in every situation, even though it may be hard to do so at first. However, in the end every thing that had to be given up to achieve a vision or dream will all be repaid in the end by the success of the journey to that vision.


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