The Creator Archetype

Published October 28, 2011 by chicok

While reading about the “Creator” archetype, I found myself thinking about how many people in our society are creators, and I found myself wondering if I am a creator as well. The book talked about people who are creators are honest and authentic, and they allow their true self to be exposed. These people don’t worry about how they are supposed to feel, and what they can do to fit in, instead they just allow themselves to be honest about how they are and how they feel without caring about what other people think. With myself, I do find that at times I can be creative and allow myself to be honest with myself. However, our society is full of judgmental people, and I think that even if people try not to, everyone has some judgment that halts other people creativity.

“Children are naturally spontaneously creative (pg.174).” As children we are all creative, we are creative because we are not worrying about what other people think and we are not worrying about bills, deadline, and work. As children we are all free to see the world in a way that is unique to us. As a child I use to draw, all the time. I have never been a great drawer, but I never cared. However, now I don’t draw because I worry about what other people will think, and because I think I am not good at it. My younger sister is 6, and she loves to draw, paint, sing, dance, and just be herself. She does not care what other people see, she only cares about how she feels and she expresses her self in what she draws and even in the way she dresses. My other younger sister who is 15 is in high school, a place full of judgment. However, I really admire her because she does not let the judgment of others halt her creativity. She is a very outspoken, artistic, unique individual. She does not keep up with trends and instead dresses to make herself happy, she does not draw what others would like her to, but instead she draws what she finds beautiful. These two individuals in my life are people who are honest with themselves and allow themselves to be who they are and they do not worry about how they should feel but instead they allow themselves to feel, to feel something that no one else can feel because it is unique to them.

Another aspect of the Creator archetype that caught my attention was, “Usually, of course, people who begin to act out of their authentic selves do not pay this price-indeed many are well known, wealthy, and surrounded with friends and loved ones. However, the only way to be able to be true to oneself is to know that one will do so whatever it costs (pg.171).” This made me think about actors and “Stars”. Are these people not themselves? Do these people hide their creative side just so that they can be famous? These people seem to not be able to be themselves because someone is always watching, and perhaps this is why so many actors end up doing drugs because it causes them to forget that they want something different, that is just my opinion. When an actress decides she wants to be a singer people judge them and say that they cant sing, or that they just want more money, but perhaps that is what they truly want. They may not be perfect at it, but singing perhaps allows them to be who they truly are. However, with society constantly watching celebrities and judging their every choice they seem to be stuck in one state, never being able to change because they fear what others will say and think.

From this reading and the video, and studying sociology as one of my disciplines, I have learned that our society could be a creative place if people were not afraid to be different. In our society writers, artists seem to be the ones that make the world creative. If they are not as creative as the world would like them to be then they are faced with judgment. It is strange that in our society people want creativity, they think about how different the world could be with diversity and creativity, yet, when people are different and unique they are judged for it. Cultures in society are dying, because they are different and the younger generations do not want to be different. Different cultures have different ways of talking and different ways of expressing themselves through festivals, art, music, and food. However, cultures are dying because people do not want to speak different, but instead want to be able to communicate with others, different cultures have different clothes to wear, but in society now, those different clothes are seen as strange. Our society is becoming more modern, which inevitably is causing cultures to die because younger generations are trying to keep up with the society that they live in today. Our society will continue to change and has always changed, but that does not mean that creativity needs to change, instead it means that creativity needs to be embraced so that our world can be creative, unique, and diverse, and full of people being who they truly are.

In the video she talked about having to write a book that followed “Eat, Pray, Love,” and she did have a fear that it would not be as great. She is a creative woman, but with everyone’s constant judgment about what would come from her next, she was faced with stress. Artists are able to see the world differently; perhaps in ways that some people don’t allow themselves to do, and it is their ability to be honest with themselves that allows our world to have beautiful masterpieces, wonderful stories and enveloping music. Creativity can come at any moment in time; however, it is our job to allow it to come. We need to allow ourselves to accept creativity and not fear how it will affect our social standing but instead we need to allow ourselves to embrace the creativity and be honest with our views and ourselves.

In my concentration of biology you learn about life, life in all forms, whether organisms are microscopic or macroscopic. “Every living thing helps the process of cosmic evolution simply by being (pg.170).” Plants gain energy from the sun, the plants create oxygen for animals, the animals create nutrients and energy for humans and humans create carbon dioxide for the plants. All living things are in a constant cycle of creation, a cycle that regulates our world. In the book it is mentioned that Native American people “attribute consciousness to Mother Earth (pg.170).” This is true, I am Native American and I can remember as I was growing up and I would pick flowers because I liked the color, my grandmother would always ask me if I asked Mother Earth if I could take it. In biology we learn that plants are living things, and as I studied biology I learned that when I would break the stem of the plant I was actually killing it. My grandmother would always say that the tree limbs were the fingers and arms of the tree and as I studied biology I realized that that was true. Animals and plants are like humans in a sense, they are living entities, that require nutrients to live and they also provide nutrients for other living things. However, in a sociological sense, they seem to be freer to be themselves amongst one another. Animals and plants don’t care about how they look and act, but the funny thing is that humans do care about those things even for plants and animals. The creativity that everyone struggles to express because of the fear of others opinions is what causes our society to seem dull at times because the creativity and uniqueness that could be there is being stopped.

In the news we learn about different celebrity deaths, some due to drugs, some due to suicide, and some are out of their hands. In the news we also learn of people who commit suicide because they are faced with so much judgment. These people are creative in their own way, a way that people may need them to be or in ways that people do not accept. Either way, it is not up to other people in society to decide how a person should be, but instead if is up to the individual to be who they are. People should not be forced to have a specific way of being creative but instead people should be free to be as creative and creative in any way that they feel. Everyone is different, and everyone finds beauty in different things, and if we would allow everyone and ourselves to be honest with ourselves then our world could be much more beautiful.

After learning about this archetype I learned that everyone needs to be honest with themselves and not worry about how they should feel. “If we could learn that the wisdom of Self coded within each of us is never wrong, that what we yearn to do is what we are to do, we would co-create a better world (pg.172).” If everyone in the world were able to do what he or she felt they should do, and did not stop themselves, then we would live in a better world. We would live in a world where people don’t think, “I should have, I could have” but instead people would have done so. Perhaps one day our society will stop judging one another and allow people to do what yearn to do so that our world can be a better world for everyone….“If everyone who loves to create beauty did so, we would live in a beautiful world. If everyone who loved cleanliness and order, cleaned up, we would live in a clean and orderly world. If everyone who yearned to heal the sick did so, we would live in a healthier world. If everyone who cared about world hunger shared his or her creative ideas and acted to alleviate the problem, people would all be fed (pg.172).”…


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