Project Phase 1: Probe

Published September 30, 2011 by chicok

Two people who have attempted and have lived my vision are, Elizabeth Blackwell, and Sharona Ross. These two people are two women who shared my vision. These two women went to medical school and succeeded. What was interesting is that these two women went to school during two different eras and yet they both had to face being a woman in the medical field.

From both of these women I learned that it might be hard to be accepted as a woman going to medical school and as a woman in the medical field. Even though we are in a time when gender should not be looked at differently, it still is in some ways. Specifically, the insight I gained from Dr. Sharona Ross is that I will have to juggle having a family and my work so that I will be able to go far in the medical field. In my discipline of sociology I have learned that our society is changing but there is still the “glass ceiling” effect. Being a person who does plan to have a family I have already thought about how this will affect my vision, and with the insight from Dr. Sharona Ross I know that it will be difficult but with help from family and my spouse, I can accomplish having a family as well as a career in the medical field.

Another insight that I gained was from Elizabeth Blackwell. This woman was rejected from many schools, and was only accepted into one because they didn’t really take her seriously, and they thought of it as a joke, but she proved them wrong. She was a woman, and that didn’t make her any different, she learned the material and showed that women can be just a good as men. The insight that I gained from Elizabeth Blackwell is that women had a hard time when she entered medical school, so now that times have changed I should be able to do the same. I gained the knowledge that if she could achieve her vision, I can too, because times are different, and if she could push through discrimination as a woman, then so can I.

From both of these women the biggest insight that I gained is that anything is possible. Women have to face being looked at different because men are looked at as the provider, not women. Women have to be able to break the glass ceiling barrier and show that they can be depended on even if they do have a family. Women have to learn how to balance family and a career, which I find to be astounding. Both of these women achieved their vision by working hard and didn’t let negative views affect their mind set to attend medical school and be in the medical field.

Society has changed, and women are beginning to take on the provider role and at times men are taking on the role of caring for the home and children. However, even with these changes in society women are still the ones who have to carry the child, and having to take time off for having their child is what makes it hard for women to have a successful career. However, Dr. Sharona Ross was able live her vision of being a surgeon and having a family, and she gives me hope and insight into what my future will be. Elizabeth Blackwell showed that women can attend medical school and succeed and it is women like her who change society for the better, and because of her I have insight into what I may face and I now know that I can make change for the better as well. Finally, both of these women show me, as well as others, that in life there are obstacles that may be hard to overcome due to society, but those obstacles can be overcome. Those obstacles just help to show that a persons vision is worth fighting for, and those obstacles will make a persons vision more real and worth having.

Society changes over time, but with these changes come greater opportunities. Not everything in life will be easy, and these two women help me to realize what difficulties I will face with my vision. However, these two also made me realize even more so that my vision is truly my deepest desire, and that in the end every obstacle faced will just be one more task checked off in my pursuit of my own vision.




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