Project Phase 1: Commit

Published September 30, 2011 by chicok

While proceeding through the Celestial Navigation workshop I gained an understanding of what I see myself doing in the next twelve months, and I learned more about what I truly want and what my deepest desire is. This process made me look at myself and made me realize that my deepest desire is something that has other tasks involved in order to be achieved. I also realized that my life and what I do throughout my life involves many other people as well, such as family and close friends.

While going through this process I got a better understanding of what I “know” and what my vision is. While listing what I “know” I felt a sense of happiness, happiness to know that I will be finishing my undergraduate studies and that I will be with my family and loved ones. I enjoyed listing what I know because as I am living life it is usually at a fast pace because I am typically busy with school. This face-paced life causes me to not always have the time to actually look at what I will be accomplishing in the next year. Then, as I went through the Celestial Navigation I learned more about myself in the sense that I learned that there are things I “hope” to achieve and that there are things I would “love” to achieve, but there is only one thing that I yearn for, that is my deepest desire, my vision for myself. Being about to pick apart my own desires and really understand my own self allowed me to see that there is one thing that rises above all my other hopes. My vision is that a year from now, September 2012, I will be in my first semester of medical school. My vision is something that I have thought of but never really noticed was happening in the next year.

Growing up with a mother who had me at a young age I had people who didn’t always think I would succeed, but would be like my mother. So, sending out a mass forum on Facebook made me a bit nervous. This vision is MY vision, and letting others know what it is made me worry about judgment and that some people may not support me. Then, I realized that it the family and friends who are closest and truly are important in my life are the ones that will support me in any way. Using this mass forum to inform my family and friends of my vision and a date of when this vision will be, allowed me to let them know what it is that I deeply desire, and allowed them to see that I have a plan for this vision. Allowing my family and friends to know what my vision is lets them know more about me, and even lets them know in a way that I need and want their support while achieving my vision. Also, letting my friends and family know my vision allows them to know that they are a part of my vision, and that I want them to know that my vision will be reached in 12 months. This allows my friends and family to know that they are important to my vision, but most of all, lets them know that my vision is real and my vision is something that I deeply desire. I know that my vision is something that has many tasks that need to precede it, but mapping out those tasks with dates, and ending with my vision has really made me look at how this vision will take shape in the next year. Using a mass forum to inform my family and friends what my vision is has made me realize that I am not alone in my vision, but that my vision requires support from those I surround myself with. I know that the road to my vision will be tough, but with the support, even just moral support from my friends and family, and actually knowing the tasks that are required to reach my vision, helps me know that my vision is something that will occur and something that I am working towards each day.


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