Published September 9, 2011 by chicok

While reading about the “Orphan” archetype, I found myself thinking about how many people in our society are self-orphaning, and if I myself do this. The book talked about people who are self-orphaning just play the role of the victim, and as time goes on it is as though that is the only role they play. These people don’t try for what they really want because they fear losing something, so instead they just let it slip away, knowingly. With myself, I do find that I do this at times, that I fear the loss so I won’t try or I’ll stop before I can get hurt. I try not to do so, but at times it can seem that the lose I make for myself will hurt less then if I put my heart into something just to have my dreams shot down. However, as time has gone on I have learned not to fear the loss, but to look at the loss at not something I am missing out on, but instead, something that the other person or group involved missed out on.

When I was a child my father left my family. I was so angry, thinking that I did something wrong, and I kept thinking “if only” and “poor me”. As time went on I got a new father, and a bigger family, but at times I would think of my father, and I wouldn’t be angry but I would feel alone and as though he didn’t love me, as if I was the problem. As time went on, I learned that I didn’t miss out on anything really, I got an amazing father who was always there, and I learned that my biological father was the one who lost out, and I didn’t feel so alone anymore. However, it took a while for me to accept what was different, and to let myself love my father without fear that he would leave as well. I had to push past the fear and take a leap of faith, which for me, worked out, as was the best thing I could do.

From this reading, the video, and studying sociology as one of my disciplines, I have learned that our society can be scared, scared to be different. Cultures are lost because no one really speaks out about it being lost, yet you hear elders of cultures talk about how upset they are that their grandchildren are so different. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but the elders need to speak out, speak out and fight for their culture, and don’t play the “poor me” card, but make people remember what is important. Our society is constantly changing at a fast pace, and people can change with society, but people can also stand up for what they believe.

In the news we have heard about protests and riots going on in other parts of the world. Some are violent, and some not so much. These people are getting out of the self-orphaning cycle, gathering people who feel like an “orphan” and standing up for something together. They could just keep going on in life thinking that things are unfair, and feeling sorry for themselves, but that would get them no where. Instead, these people are pushing past the fear of hurt, loss, and failure, and trying for success, because if you don’t try then it is guaranteed that you wont succeed.

In biology you learn about your body, and that the human body is a system, full of individual parts. Every part has a task, and as you grow those parts become stronger. However, sometimes a person can get sick, or bones can become broken. These parts can play the orphan role, and the person cannot get better, or they can heal and not worry about the next sickness, or next risk of injury and work as a unit. This is like a persons life. People don’t always realize that if you don’t try, and if you just think “oh well, I just shouldn’t try because I could fail,” then you will fail, because in not trying, you have already failed.

In the video he talked about the two people who stood up to help save another person. They were probably scared, scared of failing, scared of being harmed, but they did it any way and succeeded. That is how our society should always be and if it could be, then our society would be a better place.

In our society people are constantly judging one another. This judgment causes people to pretend to be something that they are not, something that causes them to feel alone, but don’t express. People don’t want to try new things, or have different styles, because they don’t want to be judged and feel secluded. So, instead, people live their lives feeling alone. Sometimes people feel such abandonment that they don’t want to be alive anymore because they don’t have to feel that they have failed, and they don’t want to be judged. However, if these people would know that they are surrounded by lots of people who feel alone, in some way, then perhaps they wouldn’t feel so alone, but they would feel safer knowing that they aren’t so different, but that everyone just hides their true emotions.

After learning about this archetype I learned that our society really needs to show acceptance. If people didn’t have to live feeling alone or live in fear then our society could be a wonderful, unique and diverse world. Perhaps one day, people wont feel alone, but feel accepted, people wont feel orphaned or abandoned, but loved, perhaps one day everyone will be able to accept that everyone is different, and it is those differences that make a person unique and special.


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