HMI Quiz Results

Published August 26, 2011 by chicok

After completing the HMI quiz, my results were rather interesting.

Lover: 26, Caregiver: 26, Warrior: 26, Sage: 25, Creator: 24, Innocent: 24, Ruler: 24, Magician: 24, Seeker: 21, Fool: 21, Destroyer: 17, Orphan: 7

I have not read anything about what these scores mean, so I am unable to know for certain what they mean. However, I am able to interpret the meanings on my own, what I think they mean. Just reading the titles of give off an immediate reaction, and the numbers, or scores, give a view of which one is highest. So, starting with the highest scored for myself, Lover, Caregiver, and Warrior. I believe that the term “lover” means someone who loves, someone who is kind and cares about others that are involved in their life, I believe that this term is intended for someone who has strong relationships with others, in a loving and caring kind of way. I then believe that the term “Caregiver” means someone who is extremely caring and they want to care for others, whether they are humans or animals, this person just wants to help and give love and take care of those who are need and those they encounter. “Warrior” in my opinion means someone who is strong, and who fights and protects what they believe as well as protects those who they care for. “Sage” in my opinion would represent knowledge, someone who is wise and someone who others look to in a time of need, this person is someone who others can depend on and who will always be there to help. Then there is the term, “Creator” which I believe to mean someone who is creative, someone who sees things differently and can imagine different ways to approach a situation. “Innocent” in my opinion is someone who does not do wrong, or tries not to, I also think that this could represent a person who is still young and has not discovered all that they can discover in the world. “Ruler” in my opinion is someone who is in charge, someone who takes control and can lead a group. In my opinion, the term “Magician” is someone who can surprise others with “magic” or different ways of doing things; I also believe that it means someone who is unique and knowledgeable but in different ways that others may not think of. “Seeker” in my opinion is someone who is trying to find something, or someone who likes to look for new things or make and reach new goals. “Fool” in my opinion a fool is someone who is different from others and perhaps mischievous, someone who looks at situations in a strange and unique way, they are not dumb or stupid, but just different from others. “Destroyer” is just that, someone who destroys, is destructive, it may not always be intended but it is there based on different paths and choices that are made. Lastly, “Orphan” in my opinion is someone who feels alone in the world, they may not necessarily be an “orphan” but they can feel left out and completely different and alone. These are just my opinions as to what these mean, and I do agree to some degree with how the results were determined for myself. Everyone is different, so the views on what these terms mean will be different, and rankings will be different, and it is interesting to know that everyone in the world is unique in how they are viewed but even more so, how they view themselves.


This course, after taking this quiz, seems as though it will be an interesting course. I feel that this course will help me to learn more about myself and how I view myself. I am really interested to learn what these archetypes actually mean, especially so that I am able to know what my rankings truly mean. Once I find out the true meaning behind these archetypes I feel that I will gain a better sense of myself, and that is what I am truly excited to learn in this course. Overall, I feel that this course will have a positive impact on my life, and I am looking forward to what this course has to offer.



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