Project Phase III: Integration

Published December 9, 2011 by chicok

Our world is full of life, all different forms of life. There is microscopic and macroscopic life that surrounds all of us at every moment of every day. We all interact with these different forms of life in different ways, whether they are people, animals, or even bacteria. Throughout history our views of these different forms of life have changed. We now know what different bacteria cause different illnesses, and we view different genders and cultures as equals. Our world is always changing, whether it is in life cycles or in sociological views. Yet, it is these sorts of changes that will continue on for future generations.

Integrating Biology and Sociology into achieving my vision of being in my first year of medical school in September of 2012, will be very important. Both of these concentrations have to do with life, but they both use different concepts to look at life from different views. Sociology has allowed me to study life, our social lives, and the interactions that people have with one another. In the study of sociology there is the theory, Conflict Theory, which describes the interaction between the “haves” and the “have not’s”. Our society looks at those who have things, and those who do not; the things being the objects that society believes we “need” or “should” have. As I move forward on my path toward my vision I will have to give up different things, such as getting married, having a family, and being seen as a “homemaker”, things that society sees, or use to see, women doing. However, I will be gaining a degree, become independent, and I will be able to move forward in the world in ways that many people do not see women doing. Our society is moving forward, and we say that we do not place gender roles on men and women, yet there are circumstances in which the roles are still viewed. Many times women are not able to make it past a certain point, or are not always taken seriously. What I have learned from my education is that women often face the “glass ceiling” effect, and are held back. Understanding this concept has allowed me to learn that I will have to work even harder to reach my vision. In our world every situation can be viewed from different angles, or viewpoints, and it is these different viewpoints that allow us to function together to view the situation as a whole. Understanding and having become educated on the idea of functionalism has allowed me to understand that in order to function we need every part, not just one or the other, but all. In order to achieve my vision I have to be willing to look at my goal from other perspectives, such as the admissions office perspective, and see what they see that I have to offer. Being able to understand that there are different ways to view every situation has allowed me to take a step back, notice the different ways situations can be viewed, and try to view them from that perspective so that I may produce the best work possible.

Throughout my education I have learned different ways to view life, such as microscopically. I have discovered ways to look at the smaller organisms that make up even larger living organisms, such as cells, the building blocks of life. I have gained an understanding of the different concepts of life such as how our genes affect our offspring, and what organisms in our bodies fight of viruses. These different concepts I have gained knowledge on have allowed me to prepare myself for entering medical school, and eventually the medical field. Having been able to study different biological processes, has allowed me to gain an understanding of life, of people, and what I will be facing when I am entering medical school, my vision. I will be able to take the concepts that I have learned through my concentration of biology and use them to get to my vision, as well as get ahead in my career, and in life. Medical school will allow me to study life in more depth, and allow me to gain more detail about the different organisms in our bodies, how we are different, and how to help those in need.

Taking the concepts I have gained from my concentration areas will allow me to reach my vision by giving me insight into the future that I face, and what I will be studying. The concepts I have learned from biology have already helped me take the MCAT, which was a major step toward my vision. Understanding ways in which our society functions and how society views different attributes such as what you have and who you are has allowed me to have more insight into how my application may be viewed. These concepts have helped me and will help me understand the sociological processes that go into my acceptance or rejection to different medical schools.

Other people can benefit from my integration because of the different viewpoints that I have on one situation. Studying more then one area allows a person to gain insight into two different areas, giving them two different viewpoints to approach any situation. When a person is sick it can be looked at biologically or sociologically. A person could have caught a virus that their body is not immune to, or a person could be stressed causing their body to overwork and shut down. Changes in society can cause strain on peoples social lives, which in result can cause strain on their health. Being able to have insight into both view points will allow me to help those around me and those I encounter gain a better understanding of their physical, mental, and social well being.

Many different factors will allow me to reach my vision of being in my first semester of medical school by fall of 2012, factors such as support, and belief. However, another helpful factor will be being able to integrate concepts from my areas of concentration, biology and sociology. Being able to view a situation from different angles and areas helps a person gain a better sense of the situation as a whole, rather than looking at the situation from one view. Helping other people see different views and helping people realize that there are many viewpoints in the world will be the best way for me to help others. Integrating the concepts I have learned into one situation will allow people to see that there are different ways to attack a problem and help the situation. Many times people think that there view is the right view, and they do not think that there is another way to solve the issue, however, there are multiple ways. I will be able to show people that an understanding of multiple views and integrating them together is the best way to view a situation as a whole in order to get the best possible outcome. Understanding different concepts from my concentration areas have helped me reach the stepping stones toward my vision and will continue to help me move forward toward my vision in the months to come. Everyone has visions, and goals that are set in the mind, something that is desired or most wanted. Yet, when we have a desire we often forget that there are other ways to get there, or that there are other ways to look at the desire. However, being able to use learned concepts of multiple concentrations allows people to take a step back and realize the bigger picture of the vision, and see the small steps that it takes to get there. Every vision, dream, or goal is not reached over night but it is something that is built up over time, all it takes is that one step in the right direction.


The Fool Archetype

Published December 2, 2011 by chicok

While reading about the “Fool” archetype, I found myself thinking about how many people in our society are fools, and then I found myself wondering if I am a fool as well. The book talked about people who are fools, or express the fool archetype the most, are able to act freely, be creative and act on their curiosity without fear of judgment. “When the Fool is active in our lives, we are motivated by curiosity and want to explore and experiment with life (pg.222).” These people who allow the fool archetype to dominate, or come out, are just living their lives day by day and they do not worry about what others think, they are just creative and free. These people allow their inner child to come out, the part of them that is not worried about school, work, deadlines, or any other stressful situation in life. With myself, I do find at times I can be a fool, however, with the workload from school I find that the fool is often suppressed, and only let out when I am finally done for a semester. However, when I was younger I can remember the fool archetype being dominant, and all I wanted to do was explore and not worry about other people opinions or other worries in my life. However, our society is full of people who have a hard time letting go, and being creative because of the judgment we all place on one another. Our so society needs to allow people to express their creativity without fear of judgment so that they can relieve stress and create a more unique and creative world.

“ Fools succeed sometimes simply because they do not know any better (pg.223).” Children are all fools, but mostly because they have not had many experiences to change their outlook on the world. My younger sister expresses the fool archetype very much. She is still very young, and she just loves to create. She does not care what other people think; she just does what she wants to do in the moment. I wish that she would never grow out of this phase because she is free from the worries of judgment. I remember when I was younger I would always draw picture of the ocean, however, my fish and whales did not look like fish and whales. Yet, I never cared, I would always draw them and be pleased with my work. As I grew up and I would see the drawings that my mother kept I would look at it and think to myself, “what was I thinking?” which was sad because I had grown to judge myself. My other younger sister seems to express the fool more then I do as well. She is in high school, yet she does not seem to worry about judgment from peers, and she remains creative. I admire her for this trait. My sister lives life day by day, she does not worry about the next day, because she gets what needs to be done, done, and she just lives in the moment. Many of my peers are probably the same as me; we do not have much time for the fool to be expressed. We are all focused on school, and so we suppress our creativity in order to get things done in the quickest way possible. During this class I have been able to express my opinions and look at society, and view situations differently, and it has allowed me some creativity, and I have enjoyed it. Our society needs to allow those who do want to express the fool archetype to do so, because otherwise, we are just restricting their creativity, their views, and their dreams.

Another aspect of the Fool archetype that caught my attention was, “ The contribution of the fool to our lives is resilience, the capacity to get up and try again (pg.223).” This made me think about others and myself in the world, and how we deal with relationships. Is it the fool that allows us to move on and meet someone new? Is it the fool that gives us hope in finding “the one”? It seems to me that the fool is the part of us that gives us hope, and allows us to move forward. “The fool often emerges in our lives at the moments that seem most painful (pg.222).” In our lives we are faced with pain of different sorts, losing someone we care for, a break up, losing a job, not being accepted at something we work toward, however, we don’t just break down and stop, we move forward. Moving forward is hard, but the fool allows us to look at it from another view, and allows us to remember that there is joy and wonder in our lives. Sometimes there are people who do not find the brighter side, which can lead to something such as suicide. If people were able to express themselves, and express the fool without fear of judgment then they could move forward. I believe that it is our job as a society to help others move forward by accepting their unique ways of grieving so that they can get up and move forward in a different way.

From this reading and the video, and studying sociology as one of my disciplines, I have learned that our society could be much more creative if people were less judgmental and more accepting of others curiosity and creativity. Most things in the world are produced from creativity. Electronics such as the computer I am typing on was created by someone’s curiosity and creativity. In our society there are so many different people with different viewpoints and different ways of things that allow us to have many of the things we have today. However, in our society there are also many people who are not free to create because they fear what others will things, that causes our society to miss out on someone new and different. Our society is a whole, it is made up of many different parts, and if one part doesn’t do its “job” then the entire society losses and misses out. In our society there was a time when women were only looked at as homemakers, and not as career women. These women may have had brilliant ideas and could have helped our society, but they were looked at in one way, and they were not free to express their individuality and creativity. However, now in society young girls are allowed to express themselves, and play house without being the homemaker but instead they can be the career women. They are allowed to explore their ideas, have fun, and grow without having a preset view on the world. Our society is extremely diverse, between gender, ethnicity, thoughts and ideas, and ways of acting. It is all of these diversities that need to be accepted in order to have a unique and growing society. The fool is in all of us, some people express it more then others, some know it is there and do not act on it, and it is because of our societies way of thinking and judging the prevents others from sharing their thoughts and helping us grow as a whole. If our society was more accepting of different creative ideas and thoughts then our society could continue moving forward in a unique society.

In the video, “Creativity and Play,” with Tim Brown, he talked about children and them exploring and playing. He also talked about playing in society, even as adults. As children we love to play, we like to play dress up and act out different scenarios, but as we grow we stop doing so. As we grow we become constricted and lose the “fun” in playing, and instead we focus on work. He talked about children drawing and not caring what someone else thought and being proud of their work, where as adults will say sorry if it is not very good. As we grow into adults we become aware of other people opinions and we take the opinions and we feel that we did wrong, when that is not always the case. He also talked about children acting out different scenarios in order to try on that life and see what it is like. This made me think about my childhood. As a child I had 3 sisters around the same age, and two neighborhood friends who lived across the street. We would all play, constantly, any and every game that came to mind. I remember acting as a doctor one time, and my sisters and friends were my patients along with some teddy bears. I loved this because I felt as though I was helping them get better. This role I tried on has helped me realize what it is I want to do with my life. As children we love to explore our imagination, and we love to draw, act, and create. My younger brother loves to build things. He will get random household items and just build something that I would never have thought of. Tim Browns talk made me really think about myself and my family, and how as a child I explored roles which helped me get to where I am today, and how my brother does not stop his creative thinking because of others opinions but builds things that he finds interesting and helpful. I also found it interesting in Tim Browns talk when he talked about as adults we are in situations where our creativity is not encouraged, such as the work place. I believe that if in every situation our creativity was encouraged and embraced that we could have a better society field with much more color and diversity, and wonder for all people.

In my concentration of biology you learn about life, and cells of all types. All of our cells are different, different shapes, sizes and different jobs. None of the cells judge or state their opinions; instead they all assist one another to complete jobs to help as a whole. “The Fool often emerges in our lives at the moments that seem most painful (pg.222).” Our cells seem to come alive when we are hurt and sick; they start working overtime in order to help repair the damage. If they get hurt, or are killed, they don’t all just stop; they keep working and become stronger. The cells in our bodies seem to express the fool much of the time. Some cells can perform different tasks, which allows them to express their creativity and diversity. Other cells move forward never really knowing what will happen next. Our cells always get back up and move on, happily, working as a unit to keep the whole healthy and alive. If more people in society were able to get up, move forward and accept everyone’s different jobs, ideas, and creativity then we could work and function more efficiently, such as the cells in our bodies.

In history there have been many different “fools” or dreamers. There have been people who created cell phones, people who created computers, and people who created ways to help the medical field, many of the things we use today. These people were allowed to create, they knew what the goal was, and they opened their minds to different things so that they could find something that was best for society as a whole. Benjamin Franklin helped discover electricity by being creative, maybe a tad bit crazy, but he let his creativity out and he discovered something that helps our world today. Everyone in society has different ideas or ways of doing something, and sometimes they let their ideas be known, and sometimes they hide their thoughts. It is the times that thoughts and ideas are hidden that are the most uneventful. My mother always tells me that it is better to try and fail, and try again, then to never try at all. If creators in history never tried, were never creative, and were judged, then we may not have many of the things we use in our every day lives.

After learning about this archetype I learned that people need to express their creativity, and they need to let go and stop holding back. I also learned that in order for our society to keep moving forward the fool in all of us needs to be expressed and embraced by others and by ourselves. Society needs to stop the judgment and allow people to try different things, make mistakes, and keep trying. Because, if there is no effort then there can be no success. The fool in our lives reminds us to have fun, reminds us of what it was like to be a child and not worry about other peoples opinions. We all need to let go sometimes, let loose, and have fun. Otherwise, “When there is too little Fool in our lives, we may become priggish, repressed, uptight, anorexic, tired, bored, depressed, or lacking in curiosity (pg.222).” and this would cause the world to become a boring, and colorless place to live. We need to remember to have fun, play games, even if it just when we are drinking, that way we can let loose an enjoy the world because life should be enjoyable. “You Only Live Life Once, So Live It” a quote everyone in society should live by, so that they can enjoy every moment of every day and save the worry of tomorrow, for tomorrow. In society there are many uptight people, perhaps they are restricted from creativity, or they grew up in a different time. However, in society today we need to remember that there are times for work and times for fun, and both are equally important. If we remember to enjoy life, and be happy then our society will become a happier and more enjoyable place full of diversity and uniqueness for today and future generations.

“It is a time of being perfectly happy to appear ridiculous, to try a completely unconventional hairstyle of manner of dressing, to develop a relationship with someone others would see as totally inappropriate, to be outrageous (pg.222).”

The Magician Archetype

Published November 18, 2011 by chicok

While reading about the “Magician” archetype, I found myself thinking about how many people in our society are magicians, and I found myself wondering if I am a magician as well. The book talked about people who are magicians are able to act on their feelings of what they should do without the fear of what others think, they allow their feeling of what is right to be unleashed. “When we begin to act on our intuitive sense of rightness-despite our awareness that others might think what we are doing is crazy-we awaken the inner Magician (pg.204).” These people who allow their inner magician to come out are not worried about other peoples ideas of what is right, instead, they act on what THEY believe is right. These people are also able to capture the thoughts of others and cause them to see their views, or see what the person who reveals their inner magician wants them to see and feel. With myself, I do find that at times I can be a magician, I can show myself as happy and cause others to feel happy, but at times it can be an illusion because I do not want to show my sadness because I do not want others to see the true act of my feelings and emotions. However, our society is full of people who do not like to believe what they cannot see or what cannot be explained, and I think that if people try to open their minds then they will be able to become magicians as well as accept those who are magicians and the wonderful, unexplained, and unique qualities that they express.

“Such a ritual symbolic action does not ‘magically’ remove the client’s problems, but if it is done well and with preparation, it can allow the client to align body, mind, and heart around a commitment to really let go of a pattern of psychological attachment and consequently accomplish the therapeutic work with less resistance and more optimism and ease (pg.202).” Some people are able to use symbols or movements to be magicians; they allow a person to see and feel something that is not really there physically but psychologically. I have a hard time with this, when people say that putting something out of my mind, or that I should just refuse to let the negative enter, I sometimes think its strange and don’t listen. For a long time I thought it was odd that people would go to “healers” to have their negative energy removed, but from this course, as well as through parts of my life, I have learned that they are more insightful then I am, and that they do help, if I allow them. My grandmother is a very spiritual person. While reading about this archetype I found myself thinking of her often. Specifically, an action she does that made me think of this archetype; if someone is hurt, or has a pain of some sort she just brushes her hands over the area and she says that she is wiping away the negativity and that it will feel better. She is not “magic” but she uses the symbolism as an illusion, a way to make a person see something that is not there, and in turn she causes the person to become more positive, causing the pain to leave their body. My grandmother does not care what some people may think about how she feels and how she shows herself, she only cares about the positivity around her. From reading and learning about the magician archetype I have realized that my grandmother has taken her journey and has developed herself in amazing ways, and I have yet to accomplish this. I admire people who do things to help others, not just physical things, but mental things, things that make the person feel safe even if it is not seen, and it is still there in some form.

Another aspect of the Magician archetype that caught my attention was, “Some may feel that being a Magician seems too grand and wish to avoid it out of a fear of grandiosity. Others may fear countering the biases of a culture that fears or denies the miraculous (pg.204).” This made me think about others and myself in the world. This made me wonder if we hold ourselves back from experiencing the spiritual because we fear what others will think? Do we not listen to our intuition because we fear that it will lead us somewhere that is not as accepted as the path we are already on? It seems to me that many people may get stuck, stuck because they do not want to listen to their inner magician, the spiritual, or their intuition because they want to be accepted and not seem too “different”. Sometimes people have dreams or visions of the future, of what will happen or may happen, but they do not say anything because people will not believe them. Perhaps if the rest of the world can accept that not all things are seen but some have to be felt in the soul, then more people would be able to release their inner magician.

From this reading and the video, and studying sociology as one of my disciplines, I have learned that our society could be a spiritual, or magical place if people were more accepting of the unknown and the unexplainable. Most things in the world are explainable in some way, and that causes people not to believe in ghosts and fortunetellers, but perhaps these people who do believe in ghosts and fortunetellers do so because it makes them feel safer. Perhaps people believe in ghosts because they want to still feel the presence of someone they lost, or they believe in fortunetellers because they believe in looking at the positive future. In our society there are many different cultures that have many different rituals. Rituals that are quite different and some that many other people may think are strange or “ridiculous”. However, these rituals are a way for that culture in society to help themselves, to help those they love feel something powerful, something that does not need to be seen but felt and embraced spiritually. In our society people tend to dwell on the negative, but with the magician in our lives they can cause us to look at the positive. However, in our society there are many social classes, and social ways of acting, and these could cause people to not want to be different, not want to bring out their magician in fear that they will be looked down upon, which in result causes less positive thinkers in the world to help others. Our society is extremely diverse, in what we believe, what our cultural backgrounds are, how we look, and how we think, but these differences allow our society to be unique. Magicians look at the world differently, and they accept the spiritual, which allows them to have a better grasp on what is occurring in their life. If our society was more accepting of differences, such as accepting the magician’s different ways of seeing the world, then our society could function better as whole.

In the video, “How Algorithms Shape Our World,” he talked about the mountains and how they symbolized the economy. He also talked about how algorithms are making society want to build more ways to make things much more efficient, so that more money can be made. These algorithms are symbols, symbols that we can make our society much more efficient if we have something faster. People do not see the work being done because it is a computer, and all they see is the results. However, even though it is not seen it gives people a sense of comfort because they know what will occur, it gives them a sense of stability. In our world everyone needs something to believe in; we start out as children needing Santa, and as we grow we still need something, such as the algorithms. We do not see these things but we believe they are there, and this belief gives us hope and a sense of happiness that we need to move forward. We need to allow ourselves to not be afraid of our own inner magician so that we can find this hope and happiness within ourselves as well as appreciate the symbols and illusions in the world even more.

In my concentration of biology you learn about life, and about cells, which are the building blocks of life. “Without the Magician, who heals the wounded ruler, the kingdom cannot be transformed (pg.193).” Cells such as the ones that destroy viruses in our body are microscopic, and are not seen with the naked eye. However, even though we do not see them, we know they are there, we have learned to believe that they will help us heal and become healthier once again. The cells seem to be the magicians, the ones who create the positivity, who allow the ruler to get better, not because they see the work but because they believe in the work. Just because we cannot see or feel something instantly does not mean it is not there, the magician allows us to see these things in another way, spiritually. Positive thinking allows a person to relax and lets cells work, positive thinking allows people to enjoy the unknown, and positive thinking allows people to believe in the unbelievable, or the unseen.

In history there have been different healers, and in society now there are different healers or spiritual symbols. In the news you can hear about people who find different items that resemble Jesus, or some other powerful being. These symbols give people hope and allow themselves to believe in something that is an illusion. Real magicians have acts that people do not understand or know the mechanics behind, but people still believe in the magic. People need things to believe in, illusions, they need to believe because they need hope. Sometimes there are people who do not believe, who have never had something spiritual happen to them so they do not believe in what others do. Perhaps these people are just holding in their inner magician, and if they would allow themselves to let their inner magician become a part of them then they could heal themselves emotionally in ways that they could not before. Everyone in society is different, especially in what they believe. Many people believe in the unknown or want to help others in ways that are not visible, but spiritual, and these people are different because they are much more positive and accepting of the spiritual then many others in the world. If the media, scientists, and just society were more accepting of the “unknown” and believed in what they cannot see then our world would be full of magicians and of positivity and belief.

After learning about this archetype I learned that people need to let go of their inhibitions sometimes and accept the spiritual, and listen to their intuition. I also learned that in order to transform our world and how we view the world we need to change the way we look at situations. Society needs to look at the positive and less at the negative, because when we look at the positive we allow ourselves to learn and grow. The magician acts as a symbol in our society, symbolizing things that we want to believe in while knowing that they are just a symbol and it is an illusion. We all need symbols, symbols such as hearing a voice telling us what to do, seeing a loved one that has passed in a dream, or having someone wipe away the hurt. These symbols and believing in them allow our inner magician to accept what we feel is right no matter what the rest of society thinks because the feeling gives a sense of relief. In our society people are too afraid of what others think, and this causes us to suppress our inner magician, because we do not want to feel out of place. However, expressing our inner magician will allow us to not care about societies views because we know that what we are doing and believing is what is best for ourselves. In our world everyone is different, and everyone views situations differently, and it is these different views that allow different people to visualize different things and learn from them. No two people may look at an illusion and see the same thing, everyone will see it differently, but it is the differences in views that allow our society to be full of different magicians, rulers, creators, and different people all together.

“The impulse to accuse ourselves is heavily ingrained in this culture. Instead of seeing yourself as sick, inept, or clumsy, or dwelling on the past or future mistakes, it is possible simply to trust yourself absolutely, and to know that you choose and will choose everything that happens to you for your own growth and development (pg.198).”

Project Phase II: Journey (Destroy)

Published November 4, 2011 by chicok

The two individuals that I researched for the Project Phase 1, were Elizabeth Blackwell, and Sharona Ross. These two people made many sacrifices in order to achieve their vision, the vision I have as well of attending medical school. These women both attended medical school and became doctors. Their vision to attend medical school and become female doctors was achieved but it was not very easy.

Elizabeth Blackwell was a strong woman, she had to give up sensitivity in a way, because she was rejected many times, but she did not give up, she pushed on. Elizabeth also had to give up starting a family, and being a homemaker. Sharona Ross was also a strong woman, what she gave up was something very important to her, she had to give up time with her child in order to show that she could be reliable and move up in the medical field. Sharona Ross also had to give up the unexpectedness of life in order to make a plan around her goals to her vision. Both of these women had to give up one thing, they had to give up their need to be like everyone else, to follow the norm. These two women were women who want to be different, who wanted to show that women could do anything that they wanted to do, no matter what other people thought. Both of these women were strong individuals, they both had to fight for their vision by giving up things that not a lot of people are capable of doing.

In order to achieve my vision there are many things that are vital to my journey. However, five specifically important things that are most vital to my journey are: Family and friends support, spouse understanding, undergraduate degree, researching the best medical schools, and understanding of the obstacles I face. All of these things are vital to my journey that will lead me to my vision, and it is hard to give things up in life, but sometimes things have to be risked in order to continue on with the journey. Therefore, I must prepare myself to give up things. In order to continue with my journey I may have to give up understanding the obstacles I face. I won’t be able to understand the meaning for every obstacle, and I usually have to know what is occurring and why; so giving this up will be hard for me. However, this journey is something new, and it is taking me to my vision, and if I am unaware of what lies ahead, but I know that in the end I will reach my vision, then not understanding every obstacle will be something that I can give up. In order to prepare myself for giving up this understanding I will just have to remind myself that not everything is known, and that in the end I will know and appreciate the result.

In life there are many things that we don’t want to give up, and if we could we probably would not give anything up. However, giving things up is a way to move forward and make room for new things. Giving up the understanding of every obstacle will be hard but if I remind myself that the obstacles are there to help me and that the meaning is not important, then I will be able to let go of this need to understand every obstacle.

Elizabeth Blackwell and Sharona Ross were two amazing, and strong women, women who had to sacrifice different things in order to achieve their vision with success. From them, I know that I too will have to sacrifice other things throughout life, even past my vision, but knowing that they could do it gives me strength to do so as well. I know that in life we can choose to look at every situation as a good or bad thing, it all depends on our own view, and I choose to look at the good in every situation, even though it may be hard to do so at first. However, in the end every thing that had to be given up to achieve a vision or dream will all be repaid in the end by the success of the journey to that vision.

The Creator Archetype

Published October 28, 2011 by chicok

While reading about the “Creator” archetype, I found myself thinking about how many people in our society are creators, and I found myself wondering if I am a creator as well. The book talked about people who are creators are honest and authentic, and they allow their true self to be exposed. These people don’t worry about how they are supposed to feel, and what they can do to fit in, instead they just allow themselves to be honest about how they are and how they feel without caring about what other people think. With myself, I do find that at times I can be creative and allow myself to be honest with myself. However, our society is full of judgmental people, and I think that even if people try not to, everyone has some judgment that halts other people creativity.

“Children are naturally spontaneously creative (pg.174).” As children we are all creative, we are creative because we are not worrying about what other people think and we are not worrying about bills, deadline, and work. As children we are all free to see the world in a way that is unique to us. As a child I use to draw, all the time. I have never been a great drawer, but I never cared. However, now I don’t draw because I worry about what other people will think, and because I think I am not good at it. My younger sister is 6, and she loves to draw, paint, sing, dance, and just be herself. She does not care what other people see, she only cares about how she feels and she expresses her self in what she draws and even in the way she dresses. My other younger sister who is 15 is in high school, a place full of judgment. However, I really admire her because she does not let the judgment of others halt her creativity. She is a very outspoken, artistic, unique individual. She does not keep up with trends and instead dresses to make herself happy, she does not draw what others would like her to, but instead she draws what she finds beautiful. These two individuals in my life are people who are honest with themselves and allow themselves to be who they are and they do not worry about how they should feel but instead they allow themselves to feel, to feel something that no one else can feel because it is unique to them.

Another aspect of the Creator archetype that caught my attention was, “Usually, of course, people who begin to act out of their authentic selves do not pay this price-indeed many are well known, wealthy, and surrounded with friends and loved ones. However, the only way to be able to be true to oneself is to know that one will do so whatever it costs (pg.171).” This made me think about actors and “Stars”. Are these people not themselves? Do these people hide their creative side just so that they can be famous? These people seem to not be able to be themselves because someone is always watching, and perhaps this is why so many actors end up doing drugs because it causes them to forget that they want something different, that is just my opinion. When an actress decides she wants to be a singer people judge them and say that they cant sing, or that they just want more money, but perhaps that is what they truly want. They may not be perfect at it, but singing perhaps allows them to be who they truly are. However, with society constantly watching celebrities and judging their every choice they seem to be stuck in one state, never being able to change because they fear what others will say and think.

From this reading and the video, and studying sociology as one of my disciplines, I have learned that our society could be a creative place if people were not afraid to be different. In our society writers, artists seem to be the ones that make the world creative. If they are not as creative as the world would like them to be then they are faced with judgment. It is strange that in our society people want creativity, they think about how different the world could be with diversity and creativity, yet, when people are different and unique they are judged for it. Cultures in society are dying, because they are different and the younger generations do not want to be different. Different cultures have different ways of talking and different ways of expressing themselves through festivals, art, music, and food. However, cultures are dying because people do not want to speak different, but instead want to be able to communicate with others, different cultures have different clothes to wear, but in society now, those different clothes are seen as strange. Our society is becoming more modern, which inevitably is causing cultures to die because younger generations are trying to keep up with the society that they live in today. Our society will continue to change and has always changed, but that does not mean that creativity needs to change, instead it means that creativity needs to be embraced so that our world can be creative, unique, and diverse, and full of people being who they truly are.

In the video she talked about having to write a book that followed “Eat, Pray, Love,” and she did have a fear that it would not be as great. She is a creative woman, but with everyone’s constant judgment about what would come from her next, she was faced with stress. Artists are able to see the world differently; perhaps in ways that some people don’t allow themselves to do, and it is their ability to be honest with themselves that allows our world to have beautiful masterpieces, wonderful stories and enveloping music. Creativity can come at any moment in time; however, it is our job to allow it to come. We need to allow ourselves to accept creativity and not fear how it will affect our social standing but instead we need to allow ourselves to embrace the creativity and be honest with our views and ourselves.

In my concentration of biology you learn about life, life in all forms, whether organisms are microscopic or macroscopic. “Every living thing helps the process of cosmic evolution simply by being (pg.170).” Plants gain energy from the sun, the plants create oxygen for animals, the animals create nutrients and energy for humans and humans create carbon dioxide for the plants. All living things are in a constant cycle of creation, a cycle that regulates our world. In the book it is mentioned that Native American people “attribute consciousness to Mother Earth (pg.170).” This is true, I am Native American and I can remember as I was growing up and I would pick flowers because I liked the color, my grandmother would always ask me if I asked Mother Earth if I could take it. In biology we learn that plants are living things, and as I studied biology I learned that when I would break the stem of the plant I was actually killing it. My grandmother would always say that the tree limbs were the fingers and arms of the tree and as I studied biology I realized that that was true. Animals and plants are like humans in a sense, they are living entities, that require nutrients to live and they also provide nutrients for other living things. However, in a sociological sense, they seem to be freer to be themselves amongst one another. Animals and plants don’t care about how they look and act, but the funny thing is that humans do care about those things even for plants and animals. The creativity that everyone struggles to express because of the fear of others opinions is what causes our society to seem dull at times because the creativity and uniqueness that could be there is being stopped.

In the news we learn about different celebrity deaths, some due to drugs, some due to suicide, and some are out of their hands. In the news we also learn of people who commit suicide because they are faced with so much judgment. These people are creative in their own way, a way that people may need them to be or in ways that people do not accept. Either way, it is not up to other people in society to decide how a person should be, but instead if is up to the individual to be who they are. People should not be forced to have a specific way of being creative but instead people should be free to be as creative and creative in any way that they feel. Everyone is different, and everyone finds beauty in different things, and if we would allow everyone and ourselves to be honest with ourselves then our world could be much more beautiful.

After learning about this archetype I learned that everyone needs to be honest with themselves and not worry about how they should feel. “If we could learn that the wisdom of Self coded within each of us is never wrong, that what we yearn to do is what we are to do, we would co-create a better world (pg.172).” If everyone in the world were able to do what he or she felt they should do, and did not stop themselves, then we would live in a better world. We would live in a world where people don’t think, “I should have, I could have” but instead people would have done so. Perhaps one day our society will stop judging one another and allow people to do what yearn to do so that our world can be a better world for everyone….“If everyone who loves to create beauty did so, we would live in a beautiful world. If everyone who loved cleanliness and order, cleaned up, we would live in a clean and orderly world. If everyone who yearned to heal the sick did so, we would live in a healthier world. If everyone who cared about world hunger shared his or her creative ideas and acted to alleviate the problem, people would all be fed (pg.172).”…

The Destroyer Archetype

Published October 14, 2011 by chicok

While reading about the Destroyer archetype I noticed how this archetype fits me. Specifically, I noticed how this archetype has affected my life and made me grow. “In the psychological realm, it helps us let go of ways of thinking and behaving that no longer fit us (pg.145).” The Destroyer helps us to grow from child to adolescent, to young adult, and then to adults. The Destroyer archetype helps everyone grow out of childish behavior and learn to be adults and face the world, however, it may be slower in some people, and sometimes a person never really lets go of their way of behaving, but everyone does to some extent. The Destroyer is what helps us let go of the past, and allows us to learn from our experiences so that we may live a better life.

“But the Destroyer often strikes in ways that seem simply irrational and meaningless (Pg.139).” When we have to face loss of different sorts, such as death, we often see it as something completely meaningless, something not meant to be. However, often times there is a reason, which may be to help us learn from our mistakes and learn to deal with death. When I was in high school a friend of mine was shot in the head, and he died. This event shocked the entire school, and community. No one wanted to believe it, and a lot of people, including myself, saw it as something completely meaningless and irrational. This person was someone who was fighting against gun violence; he was someone who was trying to stop violence starting with schools. I remember being shocked and angry at what happened because it made no sense to me. However, after time passed myself and others began to see that there truly was meaning behind the event. On the day of the event, this person was obtaining signatures from other students to promote the stopping of gun violence, and it was something that he wanted to spread to other schools, however, it was not something that caught on too quickly. However, after his death, what he wanted was achieved. The school came together to support one another, and students began signing the petition, and within the week the petition had been spread to many other schools. “This experience can either cripple or be transformative (pg.141).” This experience I faced in high school was something that made me suffer, as well as others, however, it was also an experience that helped many people realize the violence in the world. This event made us suffer, but it also helped us grow.

In my discipline of biology we study different organisms in our body and small microscopic organisms in the world. When a virus enters our body, our body may not be able to fight it off, which is why we get sick. However, it is this encounter that enables our body to develop defense mechanisms that help our body when it encounters the virus again. Our bodies don’t give up, but instead, our bodies learn from the experience and use the experience to be prepared for the next time. This is what the Destroyer archetype does, it hurts us, but it also helps us. We may not realize anything but the loss, or hurt, but in time we realize that we were able to learn from the encounter, and that is what the cells in our body accomplish.

In my discipline of sociology we study society and how it changes and remains the same over time. Throughout time our society has had times in which we were destroyed, and hurt, however, society pushes through and keeps moving ahead. Our society has been crippled at times, such as during war, but our society doesn’t just fall down, but instead has used the event as a reminder that we are vulnerable, but are also strong. In society everyone is different, and everyone has a different way of thinking and viewing the world. It is these differences that allow us to live in a diverse society, however, these differences are not always accepted, and this differences are often what defines a person in another eyes. In society we need to accept that we are not always right, and we need to open our eyes, and realize that there are different views of every situation. In our society we need to learn to accept differences so that we may learn from them and become a stronger society.

The video, “On Being Wrong,” with Kathryn Schulz, was very interesting to me. It made me realize that I myself have been trapped in the bubble of always thinking that I am right. I have found myself at times wondering why people don’t do things my way, because I believe it is the right way, when in fact their way is just different. I have learned through this video, as well as BIS 301 and 302, that there are just different ways of looking at a situation. From this video I have realized that I do wrong, and in doing so I hurt myself as well as others. In society we tend to judge each other based on their looks, and how they act, and this causes people to think they are better then others. However, people are just different, in many ways.  People are wrong at times, however, we don’t realize it until after we have already done what is wrong, but we do need to accept when something is wrong, and learn from the mistake in order to fix ourselves for the future.

“The Destroyer turns us into villains when we refuse to acknowledge and take responsibility for the harm we do-and we all do harm of some kind (pg.145).” In life we all make mistakes, however, we need to accept the mistakes we have made and learn that we are not always right. The Destroyer is what allows us to learn from our mistakes, without it we would not learn from our mistakes, and we would just keep making the same mistake, and we would continue to think that what we are doing is right. There is a movie called “The Day The Earth Stood Still” and in this movie the world is being destroyed because humans have continued to destroy it on their own, however, they convince the “people” destroying it to stop because they tell them they will learn. They tell them that it is only in the face of destruction that we learn. This is true, in my opinion. In our world we know things that we do are wrong, such as polluting, yet we continue to do it, but how long can that go on for? We are not denying the harm; we have acknowledged the harm, with videos such as “An Inconvenient Truth”, and other documentaries. However, even though we know the harm, we have not done enough to stop the harm because we don’t necessarily “see” it, and so we continue. Does this make us villains? We are not taking responsibility, we are not changing, instead we will just continue until we have gone too far, and then in the face of destruction we will realize the wrong we have done.

The Destroyer archetype provides us with the ability to hurt, but with this ability we can learn. However, it is always a person’s choice to learn from their experiences, or to ignore the experience and never learn. “It is only when we are willing to face our ignorance that we stand a chance of gaining wisdom. It is only when we feel our loneliness that we are likely to experience love (pg.144).” It is only when we realize our mistakes and face these mistakes that we are able to move forward on a better path. I hope that one day more people will be able to face their mistakes and be able to learn from them, this way people can be accepted for who they are and we can all live in a world of acceptance and respect for one another.




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Project Phase 1: Probe

Published September 30, 2011 by chicok

Two people who have attempted and have lived my vision are, Elizabeth Blackwell, and Sharona Ross. These two people are two women who shared my vision. These two women went to medical school and succeeded. What was interesting is that these two women went to school during two different eras and yet they both had to face being a woman in the medical field.

From both of these women I learned that it might be hard to be accepted as a woman going to medical school and as a woman in the medical field. Even though we are in a time when gender should not be looked at differently, it still is in some ways. Specifically, the insight I gained from Dr. Sharona Ross is that I will have to juggle having a family and my work so that I will be able to go far in the medical field. In my discipline of sociology I have learned that our society is changing but there is still the “glass ceiling” effect. Being a person who does plan to have a family I have already thought about how this will affect my vision, and with the insight from Dr. Sharona Ross I know that it will be difficult but with help from family and my spouse, I can accomplish having a family as well as a career in the medical field.

Another insight that I gained was from Elizabeth Blackwell. This woman was rejected from many schools, and was only accepted into one because they didn’t really take her seriously, and they thought of it as a joke, but she proved them wrong. She was a woman, and that didn’t make her any different, she learned the material and showed that women can be just a good as men. The insight that I gained from Elizabeth Blackwell is that women had a hard time when she entered medical school, so now that times have changed I should be able to do the same. I gained the knowledge that if she could achieve her vision, I can too, because times are different, and if she could push through discrimination as a woman, then so can I.

From both of these women the biggest insight that I gained is that anything is possible. Women have to face being looked at different because men are looked at as the provider, not women. Women have to be able to break the glass ceiling barrier and show that they can be depended on even if they do have a family. Women have to learn how to balance family and a career, which I find to be astounding. Both of these women achieved their vision by working hard and didn’t let negative views affect their mind set to attend medical school and be in the medical field.

Society has changed, and women are beginning to take on the provider role and at times men are taking on the role of caring for the home and children. However, even with these changes in society women are still the ones who have to carry the child, and having to take time off for having their child is what makes it hard for women to have a successful career. However, Dr. Sharona Ross was able live her vision of being a surgeon and having a family, and she gives me hope and insight into what my future will be. Elizabeth Blackwell showed that women can attend medical school and succeed and it is women like her who change society for the better, and because of her I have insight into what I may face and I now know that I can make change for the better as well. Finally, both of these women show me, as well as others, that in life there are obstacles that may be hard to overcome due to society, but those obstacles can be overcome. Those obstacles just help to show that a persons vision is worth fighting for, and those obstacles will make a persons vision more real and worth having.

Society changes over time, but with these changes come greater opportunities. Not everything in life will be easy, and these two women help me to realize what difficulties I will face with my vision. However, these two also made me realize even more so that my vision is truly my deepest desire, and that in the end every obstacle faced will just be one more task checked off in my pursuit of my own vision.




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